Affiliate Dropship - A Breakthrough In Revenue With The Help Of The Sales Affiliate System

Affiliate Dropship - A Breakthrough in Revenue with the Help of the Sales Affiliate System

Assist in promoting brands and increasing revenue efficiently

Affiliate Dropship helps you build a system of professional sales affiliates to promote goods, which can be up to thousands of people, and supports the promotion of your brand widely to customers. In addition, with this feature, sellers can manage and check the sales performance of each collaborator and optimize costs spend when hiring permanent employees.

Affiliate Dropship Build a Mighty Team of Sales Affiliates

Brand Promotion - Accelerate Revenue - Perfecting Sales Process


Manage affiliate account

Building a system governing affiliate accounts will make it easier to manage and track on one single platform.
  • Allows creating affiliate accounts with information such as name, email, phone, address,...
  • Managers or refuse the registration of collaborators.
  • Smoothly performing the action of locking or activating affiliate accounts.
  • Checking the number of collaborators by status (whole, active collaborators, collaborators waiting for approval, not approved collaborators).
  • Display notifications when new collaborators sign up.
Manage Affiliate Account


Create a link for product introduction

Collaborators use the given link to promote products and receive a percentage of commissions from sellers.
  • Create links of product and product collections for collaborators.
  • Allow the sharing of created links via social channels, Messenger, Zalo or any platform that is possible to share links.
  • Setting an expiration time for links will motivate collaborators to have more sales shared.
Create a link for product introduction


Managing commissions of collaborator

This feature gives support to managing commissions (discount) of affiliates in the simplest and most effective way.
  • Allows installing percentage of discount or discount type (all products, specified products, collections).
  • Sellers can install an automatic browse for commissions to save time and effort.
  • Easily confirm or reject the commission of order in just one click.
Managing commissions of collaborator


Managing collaborator orders

Authorized to manage collaborator orders across multiple accounts or multiple sales channels.
  • Set receiving notifications when there is an order from a collaborator.
  • Be approved to search for orders by their code or via collaborator.
  • Filter orders by the status of the collaborator's activity (all, active, not active).
  • Allow collaborators to create orders for customers right on the website and App (if collaborators have been granted permission).
  • Allow marketing associates to create customer orders themselves. new
Managing collaborator orders


Discount payments for collaborators

Based on the system’s discount data, managers can make discount payments to their collaborators.
  • Track the discount of all collaborators per status (approved, rejected, waiting for payment, paid).
  • Allows reviewing the entire payment history or those of a specific time.
  • Import and export files of discount payment reports for collaborators.
Discount payments for collaborators


Search and filter collaborator information

Effortlessly searching or filtering collaborator information, helps save time tracking down and processing necessary information.
  • Look up details information by code or collaborator name.
  • Allow filtering collaborator information according to their status, classification, discount, or percentage discount
Search and filter collaborator information