Resellers Management System

Sales Agent Management

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Are you a manufacturer, distributor, or developing dealer network? Each dealer enjoys different rates and regulations. So how do you know the exact amount of inventory, orders, and even customer information of each agent?
>>> With the Smart Dealer Management feature, you can completely monitor and control the business activities of all dealers when they all use one GoSELL management platform.

Drive your business forward with a sales agent

Building an extensive distribution system - expanding the scale of professional sales


Create and manage a sales agent account

Build a sales agent system that makes it easy to manage and track on a single platform.
  • Allows each agent to build its own sales website, and all business is tracked by the seller.
  • Sellers can activate, suspend, automatically approve, or reject sales agency account registrations.
  • Cho phép tìm kiếm đại lý theo trạng thái (toàn bộ, đang hoạt động, chờ duyệt, không được duyệt).
Create and manage a sales agent account


Sales agent inventory management

Track sales agent inventory details, making it easy for you to control the business situation of each dealer and promptly ship goods to dealers to avoid shortages of stock for sale.
  • Easily update the inventory status of each dealer (product name, total stock, quantity sold, remaining quantity,...).
  • Create shipping orders for agents and control the shipping process professionally.
  • Automatically update and store a history of inventory quantities at each dealer when successfully shipped.
  • Set up notifications for dealers when there is a change in commodity prices.
Sales agent inventory management


Manage orders by sales agent

Manage all dealer orders on a single system, minimizing errors and saving time.
  • Set up notifications when orders arise from sales agents.
  • Allows order lookup by order code / agent name, filters orders by time or order status.
  • Export all orders by agent for easy reconciliation and inspection.
Manage orders by sales agent


Manage Agent's Customer Information

Allows sellers to track all customer information of each agent in the most detailed way.
  • Allows exporting a list of all dealers customers at specific time intervals.
  • Allows reviewing data export history for sellers to easily track.
Manage Agent's Customer Information


Manage sales agent discounts

Easily set up discounts for dealers when importing goods.
  • Directly apply discounts on orders to agents with higher ranks.
  • Customize your discount type with a unique discount rate for each agency.
  • Enable automatic discount browsing or disable settings.
Manage sales agent discounts