Barcode Creation Professional Solution to Manage Product - Service - Customer

Barcode creation feature

Solutions for Managing Product - Customers Professionally

Creating barcodes helps the process of managing product, service, and customer information quickly and accurately, helping to save maximum order processing time and limit possible risks.

Super Utility Barcode Generation System

Support comprehensive product and customer management


Create, scan and print barcodes quickly

Optimize the management process of products, services, and customers for businesses.
  • Automatically generate multiple barcodes at the same time using the system or by scanning the barcode available on the product.
  • Allows creating barcodes depending on different uses (barcodes for products, services, and customers).
  • Allows scanning barcodes using different devices (smartphones with the GoSELLER App, handheld barcode scanners, etc.).
  • Optionally print barcodes according to product stimulus (38 x 21mm, 70 x 22mm,...) quickly.
Create, scan and print barcodes quickly


Product Barcode Management

Save time searching for products and minimize employee errors.
  • Barcodes help track inventory quantities, product details, and the process of importing and exporting goods.
  • Easily search and track product traits with generated barcodes.
Product Barcode Management


Customer Barcode Management

Maximum security, increasing convenience in the process of receiving information and paying customers.
  • The system automatically issues formatted barcodes to customers.
  • Allows the use of barcodes to search and track customer information (purchase history, accumulated points, membership level) more conveniently.
Customer Barcode Management