Make the Most of the Power of Blogs

Increase organic traffic to your website

Increase Organic Traffic to The Sales Website

The Blogging feature is integrated into the online store, allowing you to convey useful knowledge or information about your products / services to customers, helping to increase traffic and improve the SEO efficiency of the website.

Optimizing website content with blogs feature

Passive monetization – Attract potential customers


Create a new article/article category

Make it easy for readers to view and search for articles with related content.
  • Freely create/delete/edit the article layout and review it before posting it on the website.
  • Easily track and manage the list of article attributes (article name, image, author, and last edited time).
  • Create article categories by categorizing and sorting articles with the same topic or similar content.
  • Search articles easily by category or time.
Create a new article/article category


Website Content Optimization

Increase article visibility, support businesses to reach potential customers, and promote brands.
  • Improve SEO, bring keywords from Blogs on the website to the top of searches, and increase organic traffic to the website.
  • Add videos, images, product/service links, or other affiliate links to your blogs to stimulate customers to shop.
Website Content Optimization