Leverage the power of blogs

Leverage the power of blogs.

Increase Organic Traffic to The Sales Website

Blogs writing is integrated in the online store, allowing you to transmit useful knowledge or information about your products/services to visitors in order to turn them into potential customers, increase traffic and improve the SEO efficiency of the Website.

Business Support with GoSELL Blogs Writing

Make Money Reactively - Attract Potential Customers


Create a new article

Blogging helps to share news and easily reach customers.
  • Feel free to change the components of the blog post (images, content, colors, fonts ...) to create attraction for readers.
  • Easy to track and manage the list of attributes of the article (article name, image, author, last edit time).
  • Edit or delete articles very quickly.
Create a new article


Manage article catalogs

Make it easy for readers to view and search for articles with related content.
  • Feel free to create article catalog content (category name, description).
  • The preview mode makes it easy to track the entire article before posting to the Website.
  • Categorize and organize articles with the same topic or similar content to make it easier for readers to find the right articles they want to learn.
  • Search for articles easily by category or time (latest, oldest, date).
Manage article catalogs


Blog - Effective marketing support tools

Support businesses to reach potential customers and promote brands.
  • Support and improveSEO to bring the keyword of the Blog post on the Website to the top of search.
  • Increase natural traffic to the Website, easily attract potential customers.
  • Add videos, images, product/service links, or other links to blog posts to increase engagement and stimulate customers to buy.
Blog - Effective marketing support tools