Branch Management In Easy Mode

Multi-branch management

Optimizing business operation processes

The feature allows centralized branch management on the same platform, controlling the entire process of goods operations from importing, shipping, inventory, and summarizing revenue reports for each separate branch.

Multi-branch operation management on the same platform

Consistency - Simplicity - Accuracy


Centralized management on one platform

Make it easy to operate and control branches without having to use too many platforms.
  • Integrate the management of orders, warehouses, customers, and employees at the same time on the same GoSELL management platform.
  • Allows upgrading and expanding an unlimited number of branches, supporting the process of expanding the business activities of enterprises.
Focus On Managing Everything On One Single Platform


Manage inventory situation, import and export between branches

Accurately manage the quantity of goods at each branch, promptly meet the shopping needs of customers.
  • Display availability/out of stock with specific quantities at each branch to quickly respond to customers.
  • Easily search and check the existing products of each branch by name, barcode, or SKU number.
  • Automatically change the amount of inventory at each branch when orders arise.
  • Compare the quantity of goods sold in branches to determine which branches are performing best.
Track The Warehouse Export-Import status Between Branches


Create shipping slips, import goods between branches

Accurately track the process of importing goods, transferring goods between branches.
  • Allows you to make shipping slips from the general warehouse or between branches.
  • Automatically change the number of products on the system as soon as you make a shipping slip and import goods.
  • The cross-check feature helps to clearly understand the change of products when transferring goods from the general warehouse to the branch warehouse and between branches.
Display the products Available Or Out-Of-Stock Status At Each Branch


Create promotion campaigns for each branch

Create incentive programs suitable to the business situation of each branch, stimulating customers to shop.
  • Allows applying promotions, discount codes to all stores or specific branches.
  • Promote the consumption of goods in branches with large inventories.
Create Delivery slips and import slips For Branches


Analyze revenue reports by branch

Compare the revenue situation of each branch to apply appropriate business and marketing strategies.
  • Displays a detailed report on the number of orders and total revenue of each branch.
  • Analyze which branches are performing best as well as the best-selling products of each specific branch.
Create A Promotion Campaign For Each Branch


Manage the employee system for each branch

Develop a complete employee management process, which is the basis for making an appropriate praise or sanction policy.
  • Add an unlimited number of employees to branches.
  • Allows decentralized employees to manage each department, operating in the branch.
  • Check the productivity of each employee according to the amount of goods sold.
Revenue Analytics And Report of Separated Branches