Cashbook management features

Cashbook management features

Solve financial management problems for your business

Cashbook Management allows creating and managing trading activities, storing, sorting, searching transactions quickly,... on a single system with high accuracy, faster and more convenient than ever.

Building an advanced accounting process with cashbook

Save costs and resources - improve the operational efficiency of the business


Invoice management

Manage invoices and transaction activities on a single platform, simplifying accounting operations for businesses.
  • Prepare receipts with corresponding sources of cash (supplier receivable, customer receivable, orders payable, sales,...).
  • Make payments with corresponding sources of cash (carriage, payment of products, production costs, cost of raw materials, repayment of customer debts, refund ,...).
  • Automatically generate receipts for orders/bookings paid online or generate payment request when customers cancel orders/bookings.
  • Allows statistics, reconciliation and quick detection of discrepancies between accounting data and cashbooks.
Invoice management


Managing cash flow operations and fluctuations

Facilitating management and minimizing financial losses.
  • Cash flow fluctuations will be updated on the feature screen as soon as a transaction arises.
  • Search and categorize transactions easily (by time, transaction type, branch, payment method, sender/receiver...).
  • Easily track and manage opening balance, total revenue, total expenses, ending balance, transactions arising in the period.
Managing cash flow operations and fluctuations


Direct integration with omnichannel system

Improve the managing efficiency of sales activities in business
  • Arbitrary accounting/non-accounting of revenues/expenses in the store.
  • Assign management rights to each staff depending on actual demands.
Direct integration with omnichannel system