Email Marketing Feature

Email Marketing Feature

Reach Customer - Boosting Revenue

Email Marketing allows you to create accurate messages to the audience you want to reach, reminding customers of your brand and products/services, and improving marketing campaigns to drive revenue effectively.

Built an Email Marketing Strategy

Cost Savings - Sales Support - Breakthrough Revenue


Create email quickly in just a few minutes

Support businesses to create unlimited emails.
  • Select template and content of emails you want to create by campaign, event.
  • The preview feature helps you see clearly the prepared design template before sending it to customers on many devices (computers, smart phones, tablets,...).
  • Create links in an email that leads customers straight to the site you want (sales Website , Blogs, buy link,...).
Create Email Quickly In Just A Few Minutes


Diverse, rich email templates store

Trigger interest in learning the contents of a customer's email.
  • A variety of templates are available for you to select and edit content according to your needs.
  • Suitable for a variety of different business industries (jewelry, household appliances, cosmetics,...).
  • The template is compatible with many different devices (computers, tablets, smart phones,...).
  • Allow customers to enter HTML code to optionally choose Email Marketing templates. new
Diverse, Rich Email Templates Store trigger interest in learning the contents of a customer's email.


Set up an Email campaign

Help bring information about products, businesses reach the right target customers.
  • Set up an Email campaign in a variety of events (welcome, newsletter, sales, sponsorship,...).
  • Freedom to create Email campaign content (campaign name, description,...).
  • Select the group of customers (by shopping behavior, by order or purchased product,...) that you want to email to.
Set Up An Email Campaign


Effective marketing campaign support

Email is one of the marketing tools that helps build customer loyalty and accelerate sales extremely well.
  • Implement incentives, promotions Flash sale easily, quickly.
  • Introducing and promoting the image of products/services of the business to customers.
  • Urge the customer to take a certain action (provide information, make a purchase,...).
Effective Marketing Campaign Support