Configuration Facebook Pixel

Configuration Facebook Pixel

Information Bridge between Business and Customer

Facebook Pixel helps track behavior and collect user data, while measuring performance during running Facebook Ads. It is thanks to this feature that you can optimize the quality of your ads according to your target audience to improve conversion rates on Facebook as well as come up with appropriate marketing/remarketing campaigns.

Measure advertising effectiveness with Facebook Pixel

Collect Customer Data - Develope a Successful Marketing Strategy


Collect visitor information

Leverage the number of visitors in your online store.
  • Add a Facebook Pixel base code (Facebook Pixel ID, Facebook App ID) to GoSELL system.
  • Help collect user demographics (age, location, interests, etc.).
  • Track the number of customers who have interacted and purchased at the website; through ads from Facebook to evaluate the effectiveness of the ads.
Collect Visitor Information


Create a list of potential customers

Support for the other departments of the business (Marketing, sales, customer service ...).
  • Displays the following 4 indicators of user access (view content, add to cart, add payment information, and make successful purchases).
  • Segmentize potential customers by preference, interactive behavior, shopping behavior...
  • Identify and select the target audience group suitable for products and services to run ads.
Create a list of potential customers


Build An Effective Marketing/Remarketing Campaign

Reach out and make a good impression on both old and new customers, driving their purchasing action.
  • Improve website rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing ...
  • Effectively implement advertising campaigns with a variety of forms (Cross-sale, Up-sale, Promotion ...).
  • Launching Remarketing campaigns, reminding customers of products, brands.
Build An Effective Marketing/Remarketing Campaign