Analysis Of User Behavior On The Website

Analysis of User Behavior on the Website

By Utilizing Google Analytics Tool

Google Analytics is an analytics tool developed by Google. It is integrated on the GoSELL admin page, which helps envision a big picture of how online store activities should be (including websites and apps). Through this, you can understand users’ needs and demands, giving suggestions for improvement on the website/sales app’s user experience to effectively increase sales productivity.

Collect All Data of Customer Accessing to The Website / Sales App

Come up with specific plans - Improve sales efficiency


Detailed statistics of user indicators on online stores (Web / Sales App)

Help businesses evaluate, track, and improve the quality of online stores (Website / App sales).
  • Support demographic collection (age, gender, location,...) and user preferences when accessing the Website /Sales App.
  • Be able to recognize the device being used to log in to your online store (laptop, tablet, or mobile); or operating system (Android, IOS, Window,...), thus performing well in advertising campaigns, and Flash sales,...
Detailed statistics of user indicators on online stores (Web / Sales App)


Tracking behaviors and habits of users

Support in making plans to make users keep on accessing while directing them to the content they interested in.
  • Be informed about pages users visit regularly on the Sales Website and which products/services are their most favorites.
  • Analyze indicators such as user session number, their average time accessing the page, and page exit rate,... to provide a comprehensive detailed report.
  • Track user activities on the online store (Web / App sales) such as their registered information, products searched, products added to carts, and payments,...
  • Google Analytics 4 combines artificial intelligence to help measure, track and analyze customer behavior throughout the visit process on the online store (Web / App sales) right on the homepage such as information registration, search buy products, add products to cart, checkout,... new
Tracking behaviors and habits of users


Real-time Statistics

Informing businesses about the golden time with highest number of visitors to implement the suitable strategies.
  • Statistics number of users visiting the online store (Web / App sales) at the time of inspection.
  • Analyzing ltraffic over a certain period of time helps users assess the time with the highest traffic in a day.
  • Allows real-time reports (Overview reports, location, traffic, content, conversions,...) for managers to evaluate the effectiveness of online stores (Web / App sales)
  • Support launching the right and highly effective digital marketing campaigns.
Real-Time Statistics


Identify Customer Sources

Businesses can identify which sources their customers are coming from through reports of access.
  • Customers can come from a variety of sources (Facebook, Zalo, advertising campaigns, introduced by others,...)
  • Identify ways users can find your online store (Web / App) such as: Social network links, entering website name / Sales app, searching for keywords, from other Web sites,...
  • Help businesses understand which marketing channels have the highest efficiency.
Identify Customer Sources


Doing marketing for online stores (Web / Sales App)

Support in optimizing the marketing process to attract leads and increase sales.
  • Continue to market at sources with most visitors and plan highly feasible marketing programs.
  • Enhance the content on the online store (Web / App sales) and optimize it with SEO standards.
  • Track the percentage of the return on investment for running ads.
Doing Marketing For Online Stores (Web / Sales App)