Breakthrough Revenue With Google Smart Shopping Ads

Breakthrough Revenue

With Google Smart Shopping Ads

The GoSELL platform allows you to set up shopping ads on Google easily and quickly with Google Smart Shopping. This form of advertising helps reach the right audience with the most purchasing ability, gives a clearer view of the product than the usual form of advertising, motivates users to click on the view and choose to buy the product.

Improve Brand Recognition on Google

Reach customers and generate revenue effectively


Install Google smart shopping to your online store in just a few minutes

Google Smart Shopping is a tool that supports displaying your products to customers.
  • Sign up and create a Google Merchant Center account.
  • Conduct Website authentication for Google Merchant Center account.
  • Produce products that need to run ads on Google (all products, optional products).
  • Support to export products and sync to Google Shopping easily new
Install Google smart shopping to your online store in just a
                        few minutes


Data synchronization

Help sellers save time when they don't have to manually create product lists.
  • All product information (images, descriptions, quantities, prices,...) on the Website is seamlessly and completely synchronized with Google Merchant Center.
  • Product information is edited on GoSELL admin page will automatically update to Google's system.
  • Google uses this data source to introduce your products to the right audience of followers who need to buy them.
Data synchronization


Visual reporting

Measure campaign effectiveness and improve future advertising.
  • Track reports on metrics (conversion rates, total order revenue earned from Google Smart Shopping ad campaigns, profit on ad costs) in a clear and detailed way.
  • Shows impressions and clicks over time and the selected campaign.
  • Check out which products are selling well, on trend, or seasonally to adjust development plans accordingly.
Visual reporting


Conduct marketing/remarketing campaigns

Help improve the success of business.
  • Ads are represented in many different forms (product ads, inventory ads, display ads,...).
  • Distribute ads to different Google networks (Google search, Google display, Youtube, Gmail Google,...).
  • Installation is easy, doesn't take much time, and controls the allocation of ad budgets.
Conduct marketing/remarketing campaigns