Accurate Warehouse Management to every Sales Channel

Detailed inventory management

Accurate for each sales channel

The GoSELL system allows sellers to track multi-channel goods fluctuations by synchronizing warehouse management to a single management place, helping to accurately control the entire amount of inventory in the warehouse. Thereby, solving the dilemma of all sellers in controlling goods and minimizing losses.

Synchronous solution for multi-channel inventory management

Support accurate, error-free inventory movement tracking


Multi-channel inventory data synchronization and management

As soon as an inventory change operation arises, the quantity is automatically changed on different channels.
  • Accurately synchronize multi-channel inventory data (Website, sales app, POS, Tiktok Shop , social network) and manage it on a single system.
  • Track and analyze products with inventory quantity (high / low) and priority order (high or / low) easily.
  • Know the status of all products (on sale, stop selling, defective goods) for timely handling measures.
  • Allow decentralization for warehouse management support staff in the GoSELL system.
Multi-channel inventory data synchronization and management


Multi-branch inventory management

Recognizing the quantity of all products helps ensure the supply and demand of goods.
  • Accurately track the quantity of goods at each branch (status, quantity sold, number of specific and accurate transactions).
  • Allows updating inventory quantities at each branch when importing goods.
  • Support the implementation of push promotion plans at branches with high inventory.
Multi-branch inventory management


Follow Inventory History

The system will store all warehouse import and export data in the most complete and detailed way, making it easy for sellers to check and collate.
  • Track inventory history by branch or by filter (all products, add inventory, set inventory, return inventory, etc.).
  • Allows searching for products by product name, SKU code quickly.
Follow Inventory History


Inventory management with SKU codes

Managing goods and inventory with SKU codes is simpler than ever.
  • Create and update unlimited SKUs for your products with just a few basic steps.
  • Goods are clearly classified (color, style, size, etc.) with the SKU code.
  • Easily add and subtract out-of-stock goods, track inventory quantities with SKU codes.
Inventory management with SKU codes


Inventory Management with Barcode

Inventory management by barcode is a smart, time-saving management method.
  • Barcodes are created automatically or entered according to the barcode on the product with a simple code scan.
  • Easily retrieve product information via barcode: Inventory quantity, description, selling price, photos, branches in stock, etc.
Inventory Management with Barcode


Manage inventory with an IMEI code

Suitable for the phone industry, components help control the details of each product.
  • Search and track the quantity of products in inventory by the number of IMEI codes.
  • Easily add the IMEI code corresponding to the product according to each specific branch.
Manage inventory with an IMEI code