Helping Customers Shopping With Ease

Simple - fast payment

Help customers buy more conveniently

GoSELL integrates extremely convenient payment features, allowing customers to pay with a variety of methods from domestic to international on multiple platforms (website, app, POS, social networks), helping to optimize the shopping process for customers and bring the most satisfying experience.

Variety of domestic and international payment methods

Meet all customer experiences and preferences when shopping


Variety of domestic payment methods

Meet utility payment needs for both buyers and sellers.
  • Store owners are free to turn on/off a variety of payment methods right at the GoSELL single management system easily.
  • Allows customers to pay quickly with a variety of payment methods such as ATM Card, Credit/Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB), Bank Transfer, COD, or counter payment, giving customers a satisfying experience throughout the payment process from online to offline.
  • Apply on a variety of different platforms (stores, websites, sales apps, social networks,...).
Variety of domestic payment methods


Support for international payment methods

Allow international customers to make purchases and payments on your website and app.
  • International customers can pay directly using the PayPal payment gateway thanks to the button that shows quick purchases using PayPal.
  • Currency rates are automatically updated daily (up to 190+ countries), and merchants can customize the USD exchange rate at PayPal checkout.
  • Automatically update shipping codes paid with PayPal and refund orders to PayPal.
Support for international payment methods


Allow customers to purchase debt

Activating payment methods allows customers to buy debts, usually applied to agents and wholesale customers.
  • Select the right group of customers to participate in debt purchases.
  • allows the accumulation of debt for many different orders.
  • Automatically update debts for customers as soon as part or all of the total value of debts has been paid.
  • Track and manage all customer liabilities in Sales Report Analytics.
Allow customers to purchase debt


Set up international support

Support customers around the world by allowing them to freely register to use the service and open new stores on GoSELL.
  • List and sell products/services in the store's currency.
  • Allow your online store to set up checkout in any currency.
  • Set up branches, business addresses, and suppliers according to international addresses.
  • GoSELL product packages in USD are available for international sellers.
  • PayPal payment integration to renew or upgrade GoSELL plans
Set up international support