Understanding Customer Satisfaction

Product Reviews

Enhance your customers' shopping experience

The feature allows shoppers to freely review products on both websites and sales apps. Thereby, customers can easily make purchasing decisions based on the referenced information. At the same time, it is also a valuable source of information that helps sellers improve the quality of their products/services.

Understand your customers with product reviews

Strong branding - delivering a top-notch shopping experience


Allow customers to freely review products when making a purchase

Enhance the customer experience, which is the basis for helping businesses improve their products/services.
  • Customers can optionally review from star ratings, comments on the online store.
  • Allows setting up only customers who have made a purchase to review products.
  • The option to turn on and off the display of product reviews on both websites and sales apps is easy.
Increase the customer experience and help businesses improve their products.


Learn and categorize customer reviews

Track all customer feedback in the most intuitive and detailed way.
  • Display full evaluation information with specific customer and product information.
  • Allows arranging ratings, evaluating customers in order from new to old, from low to high, and vice versa.
Easy to take steps to search and organize reviews to save time.