POS software solution for Professional sales

POS software solution for Professional sales

Optimizing the at-counter sales process, the store's entire retail operation will be processed neatly on just a single management system.

Why should you choose
the POS sales management software of GoSELL?

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Create orders quickly

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Synchronize sales channels

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Revenue statistics instantly

GoPOS – An effective Omnichannel management software
Convenient - Easy - Fast

In-store sales support

The POS system of ordering and printing invoices at stores helps accelerate and boost sales, optimizing revenue for businesses.
  • Having 2 forms that support ordering, which is scanning the product barcode and processing directly on the interface.
  • Enables multiple orders to be created at the same time, saving time and optimizing the sales process.
  • Search for products by their name, SKU code, barcode.
  • Enter the order’s discount code directly on the invoice.
  • Add notes to invoices as customers requested.
  • Support connecting to mobile payment devices (handheld POS, smartphone).
In-store sales support

Manage order data

Helping you manage orders efficiently by simplifying the process of controlling and processing orders.
  • Orders can be synchronized on multi-channel (Website, App), and multi-platform (Social media platforms) for various different sales accounts.
  • Allows synchronization and batch processing of orders on multi-account, multi-channel, and multi-platform.
  • Search and filter orders quickly by keyword, customer field, time, or by using filter (platform, sales channel...).
  • Easily create and manage return orders.
  • Customize the export of all order data or orders by product.
  • Manage debt orders for wholesale buyers or resellers.
Helping you manage orders efficiently by simplifying the process of controlling and processing orders.

Product synchronization

GoPOS supports customers to create and manage products synchronously on the system, mass import and export product data.
  • Store owner can create and manage a complete list of products.
  • Create and manage products by wholesale price, by unit of exchange, by IMEI/Serial number, by product collection.
  • Import the product list from the Excel file to the management system and export the list in Excel file.
  • Store owners could update a series of product information.
  • Give the price quotation to the customers.
  • Manage sales and import taxes.
GoPOS supports customers to create and
                        manage products synchronously on the system, mass import and export product

Warehouse management

Organize, arrange and manage warehouses effectively to have better control of the products' status and business activities.
  • Print product barcodes to manage inventory easier.
  • Allows synchronous multi-channel warehouse management (store, sales website, sales app, Social media platforms).
  • Focus on managing multi-branch warehouses and linking to Shopee’s warehouse accounts.
  • Optimize the process of creating and managing delivery orders between branches.
  • Create and manage orders from suppliers.
  • Simplify the accounting process through the Receipts and expenses register.
Warehouse management

GoPOS Manages sales on GoSELLER app

Store owners can manage the sales process via phones with an account from GoSELLER app.
  • Allows making orders quickly by scanning barcodes right on the GoSELLER app.
  • Create wholesale/retail prices for products/services.
  • Implement loyalty program when customer purchase.
GoPOS Manages sales on GoSELLER app

Multi-branch management

Allows multi-branch management on a single system, help managers saving time and effort.
  • Allow creating and managing multi-branch order on a single system.
  • Manage warehouses and inventory quantities of each branch easily and accurately.
  • Allows tracking each branch’s customer information.
Multi-branch management

Customer management

Import, export, manage all customer data, help point-acumulated campaigns, and customer care takes place effectively.
  • Store customer information in the most detailed way.
  • Easily manage loyal customers: Membership card, accumulated points...
  • Support fast Import - Export of customer data.
  • Support detailed management of customer debts.
  • Confirmation of payment to customers with debts.
Promotion Discount

Earn points and create discount codes for Customer

Helps stimulate customers’ shopping behavior, increases sales rapidly.
  • Support to earn points and use points to make purchases at branches.
  • Allows the creation of promo, discount or free shipping codes applicable to all branches or specific branches.
  • Create discount codes for each type of customer (walk-in guest, members...).
  • Set up and update the accumulated points and discount codes right on GoPOS.
Earn points and create discount codes for Customer

Customer Classification

Select and segmentize customers into separate groups, and support the implementation of future remarketing campaigns.
  • Store owners could segmentize customers into different groups for easy management.
  • Support classifying customer according to registration time.
  • Support classifying customer by geographical location.
  • Support classifying customer according to tags with specific annotation.
  • Support classifying customer by orders.
  • Support classifying customers by product purchased.
Customer Classification