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Easy to use

User-friendly interface, simple operations, accurate management, easy employee training.


Automating every retail operation process helps minimize workload and optimize labor costs.

Comprehensive management remotely

Keep all order information, inventory, revenue, etc., fully updated in real-time for you to monitor and supervise remotely.

Online retail connection

Integrated with your online website, synchronizing product management, inventory, and customer data.

The right POS system for your business

Retail store

Modernize and professionalize retail business operations, optimize order management processes with valuable support from GoPOS.

Store chain

Synchronize multi-branch business data on one platform, minimize workload and enhance employee productivity.

In-store and online

Centrally manage sales data from online stores to offline stores on the same system, maximize time and business operation cost savings.

Bring your customers back again and again

Special offers and attractive promotions

Implement discount programs, wholesale prices, promotions, buy X get Y, automatically apply across multiple branches to stimulate demand, and boost sales according to the business strategy.

A loyalty program both in person and online

Retain customers with loyalty programs, member tier upgrades, and point redemption to stimulate customer engagement and loyalty to your brand.

An all-in-one POS built to grow with your business
Help you simplify all business operations

Product management

Accurately manage product quantity and warehouse location, batch number and expiry date.

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Inventory management

Simplify your retail inventory management system with software developed to help you do more fast.

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Order management

Synchronously manage all order information from website and POS at a single management system.

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Staff management

Assign roles and specific permissions to your staff to ensure transparency.

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Multiple branches management

Grasp the business situation of each branch through clear, intuitive analytics and reports.

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Customer management

Every time you make a sale, a customer profile is automatically saved in your CRM software.

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Provide intuitive analytics and reports
Get an overview of your entire business online and in-store at a glance

Sales revenue reports

You can not only update statistics of sales, profit, costs, etc. but also sell your products across platforms and branches with detailed and constantly updated reports.

Analyze revenue by orders

Plan to import/ sell goods in time by tracking the number of orders and products sold on platforms.

Capture customer insights

Understand customers' needs to create customer care and marketing strategies.

Accounts receivable statistics

Easily track and check transaction history, debt level, debt term, etc. of each customer at any store to improve the efficiency of using cash flow in business.

Connected hardware, smoother sales


Barcode scanner

Cash drawer

GoPOS - Quick registration and easy to use


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Create a sales store

Create a store, add products on the management system.

Start selling

Start making sales over the counter.

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