GoSELLER - Sales Management App

GoSELLER - Sales Management App

Smart - Convenient

GoSELLER is an application to manage all orders, products, inventory, orders, services, suppliers, etc. on multi-channel, anytime, anywhere, right on smartphones. Through the App, you can actively perform administrative work, closely monitor the operation process, and manage employees quickly and accurately, anytime, anywhere.

With GoSELLER Sales Management App

Allows shop owners to manage all business activities remotely on smartphones.


Create and sync products / product collections.

All product information/product collections created in the GoSELL system will be synchronized to sales channels and vice versa.
  • Allows for creating new products/collections of new products in detail and syncing across different sales channels at the same time to save time and manage them in the most accurate way.
  • Flexibly perform product updates and edits.
  • Easily apply prepayment or ask for deposit for each product to avoid delivery rejection.
  • Allows adding wholesale prices for dealers or customers who buy in bulk.
  • Use the preference filter to determine the preferred placement of a product among all products or collections.
Create and sync products / product collections.


Product Management

Applying smart management methods, saving maximum time and human resources for businesses.
  • Simple product management by barcode, SKU code, IMEI code
  • Synchronize and manage multi-platform products (Stores, Sales Website, Sales App, Tiktok Shop, etc.).
  • Filter products by: status, sales channel, platform, affiliate, collection
  • Search or edit products by barcode or product name.
Product Management


Generating product/customer barcodes

Barcodes are created to store product information, information from customers, support management, and inventory quickly.
  • Generate barcodes automatically by the system or by scanning existing barcodes of products.
  • Barcodes help track inventory, product details, and the process of importing and exporting goods.
  • Through barcodes, you can capture personal information, purchase history, accumulated points, and membership levels of customers.
Generating product/customer barcodes


Creating order

Create orders quickly, helping to shorten the waiting time of customers.
  • Allows creating orders easily by scanning product barcodes or filling in order information with 3 simple steps right on the GoSELLER app.
  • Create wholesale orders, apply discount codes, discount % directly with other promotions or accumulate points with member customers right on the POS device.
  • Easily edit orders and add additional fees.
Creating order


Manage order

Manage detailed order information (customer name, phone number, address, product list, order quantity, delivery fee, etc.).
  • Track order status (Waiting for confirmation, in progress, or completed), return orders, and debt orders in the most detailed way.
  • Easily manage multi-branch, multi-platform orders (Store, Website, Sales App, Tiktok Shop)
  • Search for orders by keyword or by scanning order barcodes.
  • Allows to filter orders by each seller's partner, by a specific time period or milestone.
  • Allows the seller to choose a different delivery method when conducting an order confirmation.
  • Save all order history data, quickly reconcile, and download order data to your computer to check the volume of orders by month.
Manage order


Set Up And Print Orders Quickly

Support to set up detailed order information and quickly print to help customers easily compare.
  • Supports printer connection via Bluetooth or WiFi to help print invoices quickly and accurately.
  • Support to set up detailed order information before printing, such as: store information, customer information, shipping information, order information, order summary, service provider name, order note row, signature, and creation date.
  • Supports printing receipts in two different sizes: K80 and K57.
  • Allows printing of orders from the GoSELL platforms.
Set Up And Print Orders Quickly


Manage customer information

As the basis for implementing Email Marketing campaigns, Landing pages, and push notifications to promote both new customers and customers making a purchase.
  • Create accounts for customers to save purchase histories and accumulate points.
  • Add new or update customer information (full name, phone number, address, date of birth, email, tags, bank account number, ID card...).
  • Collect and save customer information from many different channels (Sales Website / App, Landing Page, ...) or by branch.
  • Easily group customers (according to customer information, orders, purchased products, shopping methods, ...).
  • Filter and search customers easily by category (name, phone number, email, platform, branch,...).
Manage customer information


Manage service reservation

Customers are free to choose the time frame and branch to use the service, which is extremely convenient, and they do not have to wait in line.
  • Display reservation details (Reservation code, booking time, customer information, total amount, payment method,...).
  • Allows searching for customer appointments by reservation code, customer name, phone number or customer barcode.
  • Confirm customer information by barcode to increase professionalism and speed up the process of receiving customer information.
  • Filter your booking list by status (Pending confirmation, confirmed, completed, or canceled by the customer) or by time, making it easy to search and avoid missed bookings.
  • Apply the discount code when the customer makes a reservation.
Manage service reservation


Manage inventory

Help manage inventory quickly and accurately on a single GoSELL management platform.
  • Simple inventory management with barcode system, SKU code, IMEI code.
  • Synchronize and manage multi-channel inventory (Stores, Sales Website, Sales App, POS, Zalo, Facebook,...).
  • Easily search and recognize inventory fluctuations in the general warehouse and branches.
  • Automatically update inventory when there is an increase or decrease.
  • Use the filter, list products with low inventory to promptly import goods.
  • Monitor and review the entire shipment / import history to avoid lost goods.
  • Allows cross-checking between warehouses when coordinating goods between warehouses.
Manage inventory


Manage supplier

Manage all supplier-related activities with more detail and accuracy than data entry in Excel.
  • Easily create/update/modify/delete supplier information (phone number, name, address, classification, etc.).
  • Review transaction histories and debts between suppliers and businesses quickly.
  • Adjust and pay debts with suppliers easily.
  • Sort the list of suppliers in the order of preference you want.
  • Search/filter suppliers by conditions (Code, name, phone, status, branch).
Manage supplier


Import management

Allows tracking and checking the entire import process in the most detailed and accurate way.
  • Allows sellers to easily manage purchase orders on the GoSELLER application (order code, time, supplier, total amount, tax, payment status, etc.).
  • Automatically update inventory after a successful import.
  • Easily manage and search orders by time, by branch and across multiple branches at the same time
  • Authorize warehouse staff to manipulate the entry of goods into the warehouse, manage which employees are consignees, and confirm orders on the system.
Import management


Connect sync Facebook, Zalo

Solution to connect and synchronize 5 Facebook Fanpage and 1 Zalo OA to reach customers and sell effectively
  • Replying to messages directly from Facebook and Zalo right on the GoSELLER app helps shoppers not have to wait for a long response.
  • Easily categorize and review customer notes based on shopping and order information.
  • Save the customer's phone number and address in CRM directly in the chat box.
Connect sync Facebook, Zalo


Livestream Sales on the GoSELLER App

Introduce products/services to viewers and increase sales on Livestream.
  • Automating the Livestream sales process on the GoSELLER App (Customers order products - Orders are sent to the system - Sellers confirm orders - Pack and ship)
  • Easily add products to Livestream in many different forms (created in the Product Management section, scrolling through the product list and selecting the products you want to display, etc.).
  • Review the list of selected products so that the seller can double check before starting the live stream.
  • The comment feature makes it easier for sellers to interact with customers.
  • Display a notification to the seller when there is an order during the Livestream.
Livestream Sales on the GoSELLER App


Revenue Report Analysis

Visually detailed omni-channel sales reports help you capture the business situation of your online store accurately and quickly.
  • Allows tracking of accounting metrics on reports (profit, gross profit, average order value, order total, delivery fee, discount, total capital).
  • View reports by different timelines (today, yesterday, this week, this month, etc.).
  • Display sales performance by each sales channel, branch, platform, or social network.
  • Statistics of the best-selling products at a given time.
  • Report the sales of each employee to easily make a reward list.
Revenue Report Analysis


Cash book management

Helps you manage revenue and expenditure activities and cash flow fluctuations most accurately.
  • Capture details of the opening balance, total revenue, total expenses, and ending balance.
  • Generate cash book receipts for successful payment orders.
  • Generate payments on the cash book when a customer cancels an order.
  • Support searching and filtering transactions by branch, expense type, revenue type, sender/recipient group, sender/recipient name, payment method,...
  • Easily track debt history right in the customer's file (if any).
Cash book management